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Our Mission

The Compass is a nonprofit registered in the United States that is devoted to promoting the understanding of different cultures, sustainable development, and global issues that humanity undergoes. We work to accomplish this goal by fostering creativity and individuality, and by providing educational resources to the international community to broaden people's perspectives. This group hopes to encourage individuals to become involved in their community to improve the quality of life for humanity as a whole.

Our Values

  • Providing truthful, accurate, ethical, and insightful information

  • Synthesizing creativity

  • Engaging new perspectives, ideas, and civil discourse

  • Fostering communities of understanding between different groups of people

  • Encouraging community betterment and engagement

  • Promoting education

  • Presenting a call to action

Peruvian Dance



If you have any further questions or would like to know how to get involved with our program, please visit our contact page.

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Kate Wexell

Founder and Executive Director

Kate is a US Department of State US-Africa Fellow and an ambassador for the American Conservation Coalition. She is dedicated to the idea of sharing ideas and cultures in the world, and is deeply devoted to encouraging involvement in environmental advocacy. 

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Lubna Khanam

Director and Editor-in-Chief 

Lubna is an engineering graduate, writer, traveller, and author of the book “A Bolt of Enchantment.” She resides in Coimbatore in India. Lubna has had an immense passion towards writing since childhood, which led her to pursue it as a career.

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Alyssa Phillips

Director of Language Course Development

Alyssa is a student in the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri - Columbia. She is committed to helping others across the globe and is very enthusiastic to expand people's knowledge and experiences.


Ayooluwa Folakunmi Ogunsola

Ayooluwa is an environmental activist who creates networks for individuals to create sustainable change in their communities. He is the founder of African Climate Change Movement, which has a network in about 18 African Countries. His passions are youth development and sustainable development.

Director and Video Production Manager

Kate Wexell, United States

Lubna Khanam, India

Ayooluwa Ogunsola, Nigeria


Roots & Shoots USA - The Jane Goodall Institute (Funding)

Climate Change Education Tour:

Eco Diversified International

Good Climate Volunteers

African Climate Change Movement

Scientist Rebellion Africa

Green Team Academy

Project Code Red:

Brady and Anne Deaton Institute for University Leadership in International Development (Funding)

Grevy's Zebra Trust

Femme International

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